Approach to treatment

Many people say that sports massage is painful..... it can be a little tender at times. However, at KSM I do try to approach treatment a little differently. Everybody is different and everybody's body is unique so no two treatments are ever the same, therefore there is an understanding that the way treatment is delivered to one patient will be different to how treatment is given to another. This is due to different pain thresholds, possible injuries and also different complaints that people present with or are suffering from. It is very important to me the way that I treat my patients is the way that I would like or expect to be treated whilst on the treatment table.

About Your Therapist

Kathryn Smith....

Qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist  (S.M.T) in 2014. I completed my certificate in sports massage therapy (soft tissue therapy) I have also worked at a private clinic whilst building up the Kinetic Sports Massage name which I am extremely proud of. My massage treatments were initially as a mobile therapist which has now developed into business premises. In May 2017 I completed a course in Myofascial release MFR which has been very useful in treatment of patients with more intricate injuries. I am also a member of the FHT Federation of Holistic Therapists. There is always much to learn from this ever evolving subject area which I endeavour to continue doing.