At Kinetic Sports Massage Peterborough I am a great believer in taking the more holistic approach when it comes to treatment, treating the body as a whole rather than just where there is restriction or pain. Sports Massage is more than the title suggests. Having treatment can provide respite and alleviate overworked, stressed out and tired muscles. Whether you are a competitive sports person, lead a busy or stressful lifestyle, or whether you feel that you need that little extra to help you unwind following a particularly unsettling or trying period it really is a treatment that can be used by everyone.


Over training and intense workouts can cause discomfort and inconsitency within the body. This can lead to over compensation of  muscle groups which can cause tightness and a build up of connective tissue may occur. Sports massage therapy uses techniques which warm and relax your muscles, therefore providing relief and comfort from connective tissue build up which over training or intense workouts can cause. Sports massage can help you to maintain a healthy body, help prevent injuries and loss of mobility and aid with recovery of injured or tight muscles. It has also been known to increase performance and reduce recovery periods following an injury but can also be used within a training plan to achieve good results. This can lead to a healthier outlook and mind set to training and leading a more stress free life.


Stretching techniques and massage can help to reduce tissue tension, improve soft tissue elasticity, permeability and fluid circulation and can lead to the better use of our body's muscles. This can also see an improvement in range of motion in stuck or locked joints which can not only be debilitating but also painful and restrictive to our everyday routines.


A good example of this is painful calf's which can make life difficult, especially if they are a constant nagging ache. They can be debilitating and can affect the simpilest of tasks like walking, running for a bus or even trying to keep up with the children. Runners, dancers and people who are just generally active can suffer with painful shins and calf's which sadly can sometimes lead to further complications. They can turn what would normally be an enjoyable hobbie or training period into an extremely painful and exhaustingly frustrating time. Sports Massage can help with these inhibitors and put you back on the road to recovery.  

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a technique that applies gentle pressure to break down the layers of muscular tension in the body. This is an effective and less invasive way of treating patients.

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Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release uses massage techniques to stretch and lengthen muscle fibres, tendons and ligaments to release tension within the body.

Injuries and Pain

Injuries and pain can lead to restriction in day to day living. Massge can help in pain reduction by minimising tension and removing toxins. Massage can also encourage the release of endorphins.