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Thank you so much! second treatment as amazing as the first. After trying many therapists I've finally found one that hits the spot! Highly Recommended -  Steph P   June 2017

Kathryn is a miracle worker! I would recommend her to anyone - Nicola P  February 2017

Kathryn is a BRILLIANT sports massage therapist.... used to literally keep me going when we lived in the Peterborough area - Carol H   July 2017

As I hobbled down the stairs each morning last winter I just wanted to run again. My dream of running a sub 4 hour marathon and beating my teenage time now that I had become 50 seemed out of reach. Every step was painful and I knew I needed help. Meeting Kathryn gave me the chance to work towards my goal. She had the patience to listen to me, the knowledge to make a difference to my body so that the pain grew less each month and she encouraged me to dream again. She was the first person that I sent a text to when I ran 3 hours and 58 minutes and 29 seconds. Not the fastest time that you will hear of but the fastest that I had run the distance in 30 years. Now Kathryn's sports massage is an integral part of my training schedule  -  Mark  September 2017

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